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There's no better place than Home!

Freya Products BV is a Belgium based manufacturer and online seller of medical home care products.

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The Mission

Our goal is to help people live longer and independent at home.

We do this by providing them with the appropriate devices.


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The Dream

Our dream is to allow everyone to live at home for as long as they want.

Freya Products wants to contribute by providing the right digital tools to make this possible. 

Online stores

Freya Products manages different online stores to cover different regions:

1. Belgium (Flanders): www.Thuiszorgwebshop.be

2. Belgium (Wallonia): www.Soinsonline.be

3. The Netherlands: www.Thuiszorgwebshop.nl

4. France: www.Monaidetechnique.fr


Online stores


Ideas and manufacturing

Freya Products think along with their customers to create and design better innovative care solutions to stay longer at home.

Beautiful Landscape

"Freya is the Norse goddess of eternal youth, who grows golden apples to keep the Gods eternally young.
It is our insatiable urge to find those apples for our customers"