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Supplier or reseller?

Join our network of more than 200 suppliers & resellers in care assistance products.


Product Developer?

We help product developers commercialize new inventions and innovations and boost their sales.


Freya Products' concept is that we want to create a marketplace to which we connect our suppliers. In this way we form the commercial link between the customer and you, the supplier. Let the orders flow in without having to do any marketing or administration yourself. We now have a successful partnership with over 100 suppliers across Europe, accounting for over 10,000 products with next day (or day + 1) delivery.

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Are you a professional in the home care industry? Become a preferred seller and ambassador for our product range, like over 100 other independent caregivers, and receive a commission on every order!

Product Developers

Have you invented a new product within the (home) care sector but have no idea how to launch it successfully? Our sales channels, active in 4 countries with more than 100 million potential customers, is the perfect way to commercialize your product. 

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Are you interested in working with us and would you like to receive more information?

Why our sales channels is the perfect way to market your product?

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Satisfied Customers

Our website has over 25,000 satisfied customers who make purchases on a regular basis.


Strong Cooperation

We value good and honest cooperation and work with a long-term vision in mind.

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Marketing Specialists

Our experienced team members are true marketing experts on channels like Google, Facebook, Pinterest and other tools. 

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Network of Professionals

Freya Products has name recognition among professionals in the home care industry, who recommend our products to their customers.



Our company has been active in the healthcare equipment market for a long time and we know the market and all its trends inside out.

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Support from Experts

Make use of our experts for proper support in the commercialization of your invention.

Are you interested in working with us and would you like to receive more information?

Suppliers & Resellers
Product Developers
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