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About Us

Founding story.

Freya Products was founded by David in late 2017. In just a few years, the company grew from a local webshop in Flanders to one of the largest marketplaces for home care aids in the Benelux and France. Over the years, the range expanded to more than 10,000 products that ensure that seniors, disabled people and other dependents can live comfortably at home for longer.

At Freya Products the customer always comes first! We get our gratification from customer satisfaction and the love we experience after making someone's life easier. This vision has ensured the success of our company.

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The Dream.

Our dream is to allow everyone to live at home for as long as they want.

Freya Products wants to contribute by providing the right physical and digital tools to make this possible. 

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Our Name.

Freya is the Norse goddess of eternal youth, who grows golden apples to keep the gods eternally young. It is our insatiable urge to find those apples for our customers. That's why we chose the name Freya Products.

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Saving our planet.

Freya Products is committed daily to a green and livable future. For example, we use recyclable boxes and bags as much as possible during our transportation. For only €3 orders are shipped with our carbon free shipping method. This money is annually transferred to an organization that plants trees to combat air pollution.

Our Team.

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Our young and dynamic team has been improving thousands of lives of seniors, disabled people and dependents for several years now.


How do we keep our customers satisfied time after time? It is because of our dedicated (after sales) support team in Dutch, French and English. This highly responsive team answers all customer questions and wishes and always looks for the best solution.

Our well-trained marketing team ensures that the right products reach the right target group thanks to targeted ads on social media channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. We ensure that lesser known, but very useful tools reach the right customer at the right time to make their lives easier.

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