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Bringing an innovation or new invention to market?

Have you invented a new product within the (home) care sector but have no idea how to market it successfully? Our sales channel, active in 3 countries with more than 100 million potential customers, is the perfect way to commercialize your product. 

Why our sales channel is the perfect way to market your product?

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Satisfied Customers

Our website has over 25,000 satisfied customers who purchase regularly.


Strong Cooperation

We value good and honest cooperation and work with a long-term vision in mind.

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Marketing Specialists

Our experienced team members are true marketing experts on channels like Google, Facebook and Pinterest. 

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Network of Professionals

Freya Products has name recognition among professionals in the home care industry, who recommend our products to their customers.



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Support from Experts

Make use of our experts for proper support in the commercialization of your invention.

Are you interested in working with us and would you like to receive more information?

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